Choosing the Right Crossbow for the New Season

There are three things essential to hunting with a rifle; cocking, shooting and safety. If you have ever been hunting, you would know that these are the three basic rules of the thumb that everyone needs to keep in mind to successfully shoot at their game. If you have these in mind, then hunting with a crossbow is about to become a lot easier for you as it is based on these similar rules. A crossbow though designed a little differently from a traditional bow is quite simple and efficient to use, and knowing how to use a traditional bow would make this task even easier. Read more best crossbow reviews here.

If you are unfamiliar with the above three rules of the thumb, then now is the time to acquaint yourself with them and their importance.

Choosing the Right Crossbow

  • Cocking

When you hold your bow, you essentially cock it firmly ready for use, and then insert the arrow and begin to pull the string back while keeping even yet firm pressure on both sides. Inaccurately aligning your arrow even with the difference of the tiniest infraction can lead your shot to be a dud and miss the target. It is also important to remember that cocking the crossbow by hand is not an easy task, but it is the quickest method to load your arrow.

  • Shooting

In order to shoot, you must first load the crossbow by placing the arrow in to the barrel. Then make sure that the arrow is secure in the nocks, before you pull the trigger. Shooting the arrow before ensuring its being secured in the nocks can be a disastrous mistake. You could end up not just missing your target by quite a bit, but also you end up hurting yourself quite badly with awful consequences as well.

  • Uncocking

You can let your crossbow remain cocked throughout the whole of your hunting trip, but at the end of the trip the crossbow must be uncocked. This needs to be done very safely by shooting the crossbow. If you have been properly guided before the expedition, you will have at hand a blunt tipped arrow already ready and awaiting its purpose. Do not ever dry fire your crossbow because it can be extremely harmful for you; simply load the barrel with the blunt arrow and aim at soft spot and shoot it to uncock your crossbow properly.

There are three very popular models of crossbows, that would be helpful for you to know about.

  • Ten Point Crossbow Pro Elite HP

Ten Point Crossbow Pro Elite HPThis bow is perhaps the finest of the whole lot, or even could be considered the luxury option among all the other options. It comes with a whole load of its own features including but not limited to an integrated brace, a special grip for the safety of your thumb, and red dot sight that comes with three red dots. This crossbow has a 185 pound draw weight, comes with two choices of cocking aids and a hard case to keep your bow safe when you are not using it.

  • Excalibur Exomax

This model of the crossbow comes in a more traditional design and make which is meant to be more simplistic and durable in its simplicity. This make of a crossbow is much easier to fix as it is much easier to disassemble it as well. This crossbow model is a higher poundage one so its definitely more appropriate for someone with a higher degree of practice; its draw weight measures at a staggering 225 pounds. However, in return for drawing that much weight, you reap the reward in terms of speed and accuracy.

  • Horton Legend HD 175 Red Dot Package

The final choice among the finest models of the crossbow is a most popular choice among experts and novices alike. This crossbow by Horton is not just sturdy, but fast, accurate and the right one for a newbie to start with. It is designed for use by someone who is just beginning to learn archery or beginning to learn to use the crossbow variety of bows. Its draw weight measures at an impressive 175 pounds and it comes with a red dot sight which helps with ensuring an accurate aiming and shooting of the arrow.

So, if you are starting out with learning archery or switching to a crossbow from a different bow, there are certain things to be kept in mind when you go to buy yourself a crossbow. As above mentioned, keeping those features of the crossbow in mind would help you immensely in terms of your performance with them. Most professional archery stores will know the measurements to make, but it is always best to prepared and forearmed with what to expect when you turn up at a store to buy something like a crossbow that can be quite an investment.


The Best Trail Camera For The Money

Trail cameras are highly sought after yet they come in so many varying mind boggling configurations that picking one to buy becomes a weary task. The main difference in the features among the best trail camera for the money is that they either take pictures, make videos, do both photography and videography, or do both simultaneously. There are even choices to be made in regards with the kind of flash installed in each kind of trail camera. Another further category that trail cameras differentiate between is the standard cameras and the cameras which are wireless.

However, there are three broader categories within which all of the best trail camera for the money can be placed.

Wildlife Trail Cameras

Wildlife Trail CamerasWildlife cameras have to be configured in such a way that they work well during the day, but work excellently during the night time as well. If you need this kind of trail camera then there are three options to choose from; no glow, this one is not visible once set up, but has average camera quality; red glow, this has a faintly visible red light which enables decent night vision for the camera, and finally the white flash, which takes pictures with a very visible flash and hence provides colored photos at the expense of scaring the wildlife.

Security Trail Cameras

These cameras are most popular at the moment, with everyone vying to be able to ensure their safety in every way possible. They come in models that allow either pictures or videos to be made depending on which you prefer. However, they are aligned by the feature that is same in all models; they have blackout flash which means that it’s not visible to the eye, yet it efficiently records videos or takes pictures efficiently at day and night.

Cellular Trail Cameras

Cellular Trail CamerasCellular cameras are a category to trail cameras that includes some of the best trail cameras for the money. The important point to remember when buying a cellular trail camera is that it should emit at least three bars of signals for it to efficiently work. You can check the bars of signals on the screen of the camera. The best type from within this category of cameras, is the cellular security camera; this has the capacity to take both wildlife and security footage and do it to the best of its ability compared to just the wildlife camera.

Other Factors to Consider

Once you have considered the merits and functionalities of the three major categories of trail cameras, you can then turn your attention to some other factors to be considered. Firstly, you need to decide and narrow down your budget, this will help to automatically eliminate options that are not within your reach. Having a budget is crucial because with it you are sure to remain on track with your hunt, and not derail. Secondly, you need to decide on how long do you require the battery to last as the battery size will also add or subtract from the price of the camera.

With all the details figured out, the next thing to do is find the best trail camera for the money that has all the features that you are looking for. Sometimes the best way to find the best, is to consider the handful of options that you have narrowed down to according to your preference criteria, and make a comparison of them all. Putting them all together, and noting their plus points and their weaknesses will give you a clearer picture of the ones that do not make the cut, and the one that has it all.

How Do I Start Fishing?

It’s summer. Picture yourself sitting in a boat as it gently drifts along the surface of a lake. You are basking in the warm sunlight that streams past the brim of your hat onto your face. Birds twitter and you can hear the call of a loon in the distance. Your friend sits across from you, and while you occasionally converse, you both enjoy the peaceful silence between the conversation just as much. You’re holding a fishing pole, and have been meditatively awaiting the bite of a fish for two hours. Suddenly you feel it–you reel in the line, and find that you’ve hooked a large trout! You’ve caught your dinner, and you’ve spent the day experiencing the serene beauty of nature in the process.

start fishing today

Fishing is among the most widespread and beloved outdoor sports. That’s no surprise when you consider all of its positive qualities. It’s relaxing, exciting, and practical–you often end up with a delicious meal for your efforts! In addition, many people are disconnected from their food production, and this activity allows them to get back in touch with that integral part of life in a beautiful natural environment. In the United States alone, 55 million people took one or more fishing trips in 2013, and they spend a total of 41.77 billion dollars on fishing []. As they say, money talks, and that’s a lot of money!

Nor is fishing limited to older people. While older people make up the majority of participants, young people also fish, and it’s a great confidence booster for kids to accomplish something as useful as catching their own food. In fact, over ten million kids in the United States fished in 2013 []. That certainly doesn’t sound like a sport that’s likely to go out of style any time soon. People will always need to eat, and many will derive pleasure from providing for themselves. Self-sufficiency is fulfilling. Natural beauty is a proven stress reducer; it heals our bodies, minds and souls.

Fishermen use a variety of tools and equipment (known as “tackle”). While you can catch fish with nothing more than a fishing rod and some bait, there are also tools that exponentially increase your success. Of great usefulness to any fisherman is a fish finder. This is a device that uses sonar (sound wave detection) to pinpoint the location of fish. The movements of detected fish are displayed on a screen. With a fish finder, the user can also get a sense of the topography of the underwater “landscape,” so to speak–thus, they become better acquainted with the body of water they’re fishing.

Reading fish finder reviews online is one of the best ways to do research before making a purchasing decision. It allows you to get a sense of which kind of fish finder is suitable for your purposes. Fish finders vary hugely in price: they can cost anywhere from less than $100, to thousands of dollars. The cheaper products offer only a rough approximation of the location of fish, while the most costly are precise enough to identify fish species (along with their location, size, and course). Factors to take into account in making your decision include performance, value (price), ease of use, and quality. Read reviews to get your fellow fishermen’s opinions on all of those factors, as well as their personal experiences with strengths and flaws of the product. The best judge of any product is, of course, the person who actually uses it on a regular basis!

Hopefully this article has inspired you to consider fishing for your next foray into the natural world.